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We're not dead! See us LIVE in action!

We will be present at Finest Spirits 2018 again!
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Sh1t just got real!

We came, we saw, we conquered - Jean-Luc Picard
If you missed us at Finest Spirits 2017 there will be other opportunities to meet the staff, try the vodka, and win more FREE stuff. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what we do!.

Man... we've changed... the RECIPE!

Remember when we said that Ethanolskï is not made from potatos? You don't remember? I don't care! We are now going back to the roots with real potato vodka!
[You say poteyto and I say potahto. Or potato vodka.]



Is this real?

Well... duh! It's as real as you want it to be. And just like the smurfs, if you really believe in it and hang out at the right places (spirits fairs and such), you might actually see and taste it!

Whatís so special about Ethanolski?

Itís Vodka. Big Whoop! Wanna fight about it? Itís Ethanol and Water and thatís it. And thatís what you want, isnít it? In the end, thatís what Vodka is all about. Oh... and people who've tried it claim that it tastes good. But they might be liars. Fake news... you know.

Will I go blind from drinking it?

What the - ? Why do people keep asking me that? No! It will not make you go blind. It's ETHANOL, that is the good alcohol. The one that doctors say is good for you in small amounts. The shit that makes people blind is METHANOL and NO (!), there is NO methanol in EthanolskÔ. (And no, we will never make MethanolskÔ)

Do you use ice filtering or any other method of filtering?

Fuck no! Itís transparent isnít it? Itís clear enough. It tastes awesome. Ice filtering is for cheap sucker vodka only! We also donít use Charcoal filtering, Milk protein filtering or Pixie-wand filtering. If you find any impurities in the vodka you can keep them.

And what about adding flavour?

Nah! Flavoured vodka is cheating. But you know what many producers do? Like MANY of them? They add sugar to the vodka to make it "smooth". So the more people talk about "smoothness" in their vodka, the higher the chance they just added sugar...

Is it vegan?

The product yes, the label sticker not. So if you are vegan, donít lick the label!

And Gluten-free?

YesÖ itís gluten-free. Like all other Vodkas. Also Lactose-free, fat-free and free from black Voodoo magic.

Do you use wheat or barley or potatoes or whatnot to make Ethanolski?

Why do you care? It tastes good and gets you drunk. But yes. It's potatos.

I dig your style, but do you have to use so many cuss words?

What the fuck you talking about?

So you really think we donít care about the quality of our Vodka?

You think we are some PR/marketing idiots who thought it was a great idea to use swear words in order to tell the world what's so special about vodka (meaning that itís always just alcohol and water) without caring about our product? That is what you think? I am not even madÖ I am just disappointed.

We do put effort into our Vodka and even though we donít like bragging about it (unlike all the other Vodka producers) here is what we do: Ethanolskï is made with finest drinking alcohol (made from potatos) mixed with water. Itís not made with demineralized water like many other Vodkas Ė so that means it contains minerals! Did you know that demineralized Vodka actually draws minerals out of your body which may give you a horrible headache the next day? Well, we have minerals for you: Calcium, Potassium and all the other good stuff! A so-called ďscientistĒ said the other day that, because of the minerals, Ethanolskï will give you no hangover! I donít trust him but you never knowÖ

Another thing we do differently is the filtering Ė because we donít do that. Let me explain: The purest Vodka in the world would be pure alcohol and pure distilled H2O (you know, water). Chemically it would be perfect but the taste would not benefit. Actually it does taste horrible (I tried it). You donít want horrible, do you?

So we had two choices: Use all those fancy filtering methods making the Vodka bearable, or use proper tasty water in order to make it nice. So we made it nice.

Also, it is hand-crafted, hand-bottled and made in small batches. It is actually made to rest for 48 hours before bottling. And why the fuck would we do that?

Because we DO care about our Vodka.

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